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We provide canine and feline boarding. 

Check-out time is 1:00 pm. Any guest picked up after 1:00 pm will be charged a late pick up fee of $15.00

Canine Boarding in General Indoor-Outdoor Suites:
Please note dogs under 15 pounds are only eligible for Apartment Suite Boarding
Boarding Rates in General Indoor-Outdoor Suites: 
Your Pet's Size      Nightly Rate  Holiday and Summer
Small (up to 29.99lbs)$31.00               $33.00 
Medium (30-64.9lbs)  $33.00                      $35.00
Large (65-99.99lbs)   $35.00                       $37.00
Extra large (100lbs+) $37.00                $39.00

Indoor-outdoor suites have raised beds, free access to food, water and toys, and free access to covered outdoor runs during the day. Climate controlled for your pet's comfort. Treats can be brought in for your dog's enjoyment during their stay.  We require VIP/Apartment boarding for dogs under 15#

VIP GUEST CARE package can be added on  to General Boarding for $10.00/day
Damaged bedding- dogs will incur a $5.00 charge
Damaged bed- dogs will incur a $10.00 charge
Damaged runs- dogs will incur a $25.00 charge
Treats can be brought in for your dog. We do NOT accept (non edible) toys or personal bedding in the General Boarding Suites.
Luxury Vacation Suites with VIP Guest Care:

Prices for VIP suites & Indoor Apartments:

VIP suites (first dog):

VIP suites- additional dogs (per dog)
based on General Boarding rate ($31.00- 38.00/day)
additional dogs must be able to eat together
All Indoor Apartments:
(includes VIP Guest Care)
small dogs only, includes VIP Guest Care

VIP Guest Care Includes:
  • Raised premium beds and bedding or thick orthopedic beds for seniors
  • Private TV and movie time
  • Afternoon and Bedtime Snacks
  • Outside Supervised Playtime
  • Nightly Tuck-in with Hugs
  • 4 Daily Potty and Play periods in our safe, individual, covered play yards. Dogs love our VIP Program; the exercise, one on one attention, and the opportunity to relieve themselves outside in artificial grass, as they are accustomed to doing, results in very happy, contented guests.
Indoor kennels are cleaned, thoroughly disinfected daily while your pet is outside playing and additionally as needed to maintain a clean and comfortable environment. Outdoor areas are picked up hourly and disinfected twice daily or as needed. All dogs receive daily exercise, weather permitting. Owner supplies all medication. Administering your heartworm medication is included in the daily boarding rate. Feel free to bring your pet's favorite toys (*VIP specific) and treats as long as they are cleanable. We are not responsible for returning toys as they may be removed for cleaning purposes. No personal bedding is accepted as it may not be able to be returned after washing.

Add on Services Available Daily!

Deluxe meal          $5.00 per day
Purina food (provided) $2.00/day
Premium food  (grain free) $5.00 per day
Leash Walk 15 minutes $4.50
Play Time (15 min. session) $4.50 (group play also available)
Brush Out (15 min. session) $10.00
Medication             $1 to 3.00
Kong Toys stuffed with Treats $3.50 each time
Dog Massage  1 hour:  $30.00    1/2 hour:$20.00 

Feline Boarding:
All Sizes$15.00
Cats are provided suites with natural light. Ask about playtime availability.

Business Hours 
Monday - Friday7 am -7 pmSaturday - Sunday8 am - 5 pm Holidays   see Holiday Hours

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